Jul 26, 2011

Are 3-D Vinylmation pins accepted for trade?

How about the Disney Pin Trading guidelines specifically related to the 3-D Vinylmation™ pins. 

Are these pins accepted for trade? The answer is: YES! 

We believe the confusion may come from a long standing trading guideline that dates back to the year 2000. This guideline reads - "Plastic pins, rubber pins or other non-metal pins are not accepted for trading." 

At the time that guideline was written, it was addressing pins that were all rubber as seen in the image below (which is still not accepted for trade). 

Rubber pin

Knowing this guideline has existed for many years, Julie Young, who developed the 3-D Vinylmation™ pins, made a modification to those pins that meets the basic trading guideline - "The main criteria to judge whether a pin is tradable or not is that it must be a metal pin bearing a "©Disney" mark on the back that represents a Disney Event, Place or Location, Character or Icon." 

The key words in that guideline are "metal pin." Julie had the manfacturer add a metal base to the 3-D Vinylmation™ pin as seen in the pictures below. 

Front of the 3-D pins Back
Back of the 3-D pins. Notice the metal backing.

So that was a long story for a very short answer. But we hope this gives some insight as to why we consider those 3-D pins acceptable for trading.

Jul 25, 2011

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse and Goofy in the Stretch Room


This jumbo pin is one of the many pin offerings at the "Room for one More" event and features Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse and Goofy in the iconic Stretch Room from the Haunted Mansion® Attraction. For a look at the preview catalog for this event click here. We will have a complete catalog with many additional surprises available closer to the event date.

Jul 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, USA!

Red, White and Blue Disney Pins

Fourth of July Disney Pins

With the Fourth of July this weekend, I dug into the Disney Pin Vault for a retrospective on pins celebrating Independence Day. I found lots of pins featuring famous Disney characters, flags, stars, stripes and three colors again and again – red white and blue.

There were only a handful of pins celebrating the Fourth of July made prior to the start of Disney Pin Trading in October 1999 (many of them were issued to Cast Members as a form of recognition). In July 2000, Guests saw the release of retail pins at Disney Parks, and the annual Fourth of July pins were born. In Florida that summer, a pin was released at each Theme Park each with an edition size of 7500!

Fourth of July Disney Pins

Throughout the years, many designs featured familiar faces such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, Stitch and others. I personally enjoy, however, pins that featured characters you don’t see often. Some great examples include Ben Franklin and Amos from 2003; a patriotic looking Cheshire Cat from 2004; Jiminy Cricket also from 2004; and finally Mr. Incredible from 2005.

Fourth of July Disney Pins

One of the more rare Fourth of July pins was sold at auction during Disney Pin Celebration 2008 at Epcot. Could we add any more details to this pin (pictured left above)? I have to admit – it wasn’t our best design (which is probably why it makes it so unique and why I put it up for auction). The final pin from 2008 (pictured above right) looks dramatically different. There is something wonderful about simplistic designs (opposed to adding everything but the kitchen sink).

Fourth of July Disney Pins

Of course, I have a few of my favorites from the Vault. I love the pin featuring Donald Duck painting Spaceship Earth from 2004. I served as an Attraction Manager in World Showcase, and The American Adventure was one of the pavilions I managed. I love that show (and the Voices of Liberty – “That’s the Banjo.”). I even had the opportunity to meet the late Dallas McKennon who voiced Ben Franklin in the show. Awesomeness!

I also like the Disney characters reenacting the famous scene of George Washington crossing the Delaware. Such a classic image! It was a surprise pin released at Disneyland Resort in 2005.

The final pin I chose was also a surprise pin released on July 4, 2003, at the Walt Disney World Resort. While it doesn’t feature the words “Fourth of July” or “Independence Day,” it screams America to me. What is better than Mickey Mouse and those famous colors of red, white and blue?

Happy Birthday, USA!

Jul 2, 2011

Ariel's Undersea Adventure Opening Day

Ariel's Undersea Adventure pins commemorating the opening of this exciting new attraction at Disney California Adventure® Park. The release included an opening day dangle pin seen below:

Dangle Pin

There is also a tiered collection with individual pins featuring Ariel and Flounder, the Turtle from the Under the Sea scene, Sebastian, Prince Eric and Ariel, Ursula, and King Triton. This is the set cover which was inspired by the attraction poster artwork:

Collectors Set

Jul 1, 2011

"Piece" of Alderaan History [Sci-Fi Academy - Postcard and Pin]

"Sci-Fi Academy - "Piece" of Alderaan History"  

Release Date:
Disneyland® Resort
Edition Size:
Join us for an 'out of this world' pin release & signing as we celebrate the debut of these limited-edition Sci-Fi Academy themed Disney pins.

This pin features Darth Vader with a "piece" of the planet Alderaan. The home of Princess Leia, Alderaan was once a peaceful planet with no weapons. Tragically, Alderaan met its untimely demise in Star Wars™: Episode IV A New Hope when Grand Moff Tarkin decided to demonstrate the power of the Death Star by destroying the entire planet. This pin contains a representation of the planet Alderaan, not an actual piece.

This pin will be released at Little Green Men Store Command at Disneyland® Park in conjunction with the online wristband process. Registration will open on June 17. Click here to register.
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