Apr 11, 2011

Some things you will see at The Florida Project event

This is the first painted figurine from the event. We aren't 100-percent happy with it and have a few changes but it is great to see some color on the figurine.

Mickey Mouse
It's Mickey Mouse! 

Orange Bird
Ah, the Orange Bird. 

Here is a concept for a multi-pin boxed set that will feature images of Walt Disney World Resort. It was designed to look like a slide carousel (does anyone remember those?)

Lastly, here is a look at a four pin set that is mounted on what appears to be a "Confidential" folder. The "FPO" in the artwork means "For Placement Only." This acronym is used so the manufacturer can ensure that the pins line up correctly on each item.

Confidential Folder

There are a few more items but we are waiting on final approvals before we can share.

Next week, we will take a look at some items from Sci-Fi Academy. For starters, here is an image of Walt Disney from the incredible awesome Mars & Beyond set.

Mars & Beyond

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